Snowstorm YOLO Napp indikator

Enkel nappindikator som drives av 3 knappe batterier.(Medfølger) Klypes enkelt inn på stanga. Legg sena mellom de to knappene og løsne på bremsen Og du vil få en hylende lyd og lys når det napper.

PrisNOK99,00 inkl. mva.


Sound-alarm device light
Portable and easy to install.
The outer layer, sealed without screw, is made of tough and durable ABS.
Can be used with different rod types in different terrains and weather conditions.
Energy saving. The three batteries fitted may be in use for 1 or 2 years if the power is turned off when not in use.
No damage to fishing line.
It is very sensitive to the fish that swallows the bait.
This LED Indicator Light Alert is ideal for night fishing.
Material: Plastic.
Package weight: 50g