AKARA Winter Rod HFTC-1C. 45cm

En fin Pilke stikke i carbon. Fin til ørret, abbor og røye fiske. 45 cm. Medium aksjon.

PrisNOK169,00 inkl. mva.



Winter fishing rod Akara Leader F 415 with a reel for spinning - equipped with a whip. The reel, made of plastic, allows you to quickly and easily wind up and reel in the fishing line. Cork handle, oval shape, fits perfectly in the hand and does not cool it. Great for perch and zander fishing. Total length 45cm. Weight 18.8g.

Art.Length (cm):Weight (g):Reel diam. (mm):Packed (pcs):Price for:
HFTC-1C-R 45  18,8  60  item