Groundbait TRAPER «Winter READY» Universal (750 g

750 Gr ferdig blandet for, til vinterfiske. Trenger ingen tilsetning. Bare åpne posen lag en liten ball og slipp den i hullet.

PrisNOK75,00 inkl. mva.



The Winter Ready Groundbait purposed for fishing in cold months and under ice fishing. The mix is ready for direct use. Elimination of wetting and riddling is its main advantage. We can use the groundbait without cooling the palms. It is packed into a comfortable string bag. You just have to take a handful, form a ball and throw into the water. Releasing the particles step by step attracts the fish strongly. In order to increase the catch rate add jokers or bloodworm. Winter Ready groundbait concentrate the fish in a spot and keep them feeding for long. Additionally the Perch Ready is enhanced by another attractant – the holographic brocade.